Superannuation, including SMSF’s is a complex area and the rules are forever changing. Almost all Australian’s have a superannuation account due to legislative requirements however few understand all the opportunities that a well managed superannuation account can bring.

For those aged over 55, superannuation strategies can often save a savvy investor thousands of dollars of tax without impacting on their available cash flow.  Even for those who are younger, strategies such as co-contributions, spouse contributions, personal deductible contributions and salary sacrifice to name but a few, can significantly improve one’s wealth if regularly taken advantage of.

As Dolfinwise prides itself in putting its client’s interests first, we have access to some of the lowest cost products and superannuation funds available in the market and we are often able to save our clients significant amounts of fees.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s) are growing in popularity and we regularly assist clients to decide if this is an appropriate investment vehicle for them. We can assist in setting up self managed superannuation funds, investment advice and management and structuring the SMSF in either accumulation or pension phases.

We also have significant expertise in the structuring of insurance within superannuation accounts including self managed super funds.

Caution should be taken with superannuation investing and more particularly with contributions as it has become much easier to incur penalty tax in recent years and there are now many traps for the unwary. For more information about self managed superannuation funds and the services that we provide click here.


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