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Our Service Fee

Personal Advice Fees


Dolfinwise takes very seriously the relationship we have with our clients. We believe that the trust placed in us to advise and manage our clients financial affairs, should never be taken for granted. Nor should it be compromised in any way. As a result of this firm belief, Dolfinwise is paid directly by it’s clients an agreed amount each year for the services we provide. By avoiding incentive payments from product providers, our clients can be rest assured that their best interests are being served.

Our service fee varies for each client based on the amount and complexity of work undertaken. Our initial discovery meeting is at no charge. After this initial meeting, we will send a formal Cost Agreement outlining the scope of works, and the anticipated cost to deliver these services. With our years of service and depth of knowledge, we have experience in assessing whether we can add value. We won’t accept a client engagement unless we believe we can deliver long term value.

Personal Insurance Fees


Our clients have the option to pay for our insurance advice fees directly, or in some cases, our service fees can be funded by a commission paid by the product manufacturer.

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