Hi, I’m Howard, director and chief financial adviser at Dolfinwise.


Before you consider joining forces with a financial adviser, it's important you know the people helping you make decisions with your money.


As a man who values a personable approach to life, as well as business, I thought I’d share a little, not just about ‘the guy who manages your money’ but the real me – proud husband, father to three wonderful children, junior rugby club secretary, uber neat freak, and ex-army officer.


H O W A R D   Q U E I R D O

Director & Founding Partner


The youngest of four, I was born in South Africa to a hard-working, humble family whose influence and strong sense of community continues to shape who I am today.


My Father’s enquiring mind and thirst for knowledge turned him into a prolific reader with a genuine interest in people.


Mum, a nurturing homemaker, ran a tight ship and was money savvy in her own right, having survived a war and my Grandfather was an award-winning financial adviser.

As a result, I inherited a healthy blend of money smarts, curiosity and compassion and learned to value wisdom, family, and relationships above all else.


“Over the years I have appreciated Howard’s knowledge, expertise, thoughtfulness and the gentle manner in which he explains complex ideas simply. As a single mother, I feel I have achieved more power and independence and gained more confidence in my financial outlook.”

~ Margaret Walton ~

“Howard always took the time to listen very carefully to what was going on in our lives and what we wanted to achieve – sometimes rather complicated when working and living in Germany and the Czech Republic. We were very fortunate to meet Howard – he was exactly what we had hoped for.


~ Dr. Ulrich Jobs and Yvonne Woodfield – Investors ~




I went to university after being awarded a full academic scholarship and excelled in my studies. Later, I joined the armed forces.

Those years instilled in me strong organizational skills, the ability to think outside the box for solutions, and the kind of meticulousness that drives my wife mad but is a desirable trait in a financial adviser.


Who wants a loose cannon helping manage their finances, right?

Most of all, the military taught me the joy of serving and working with people, and that’s what I aim to do both in business and life.



As an immigrant to Australia, I built my business from the ground up.


With no extended family or professional network to lean on, I created my own.


My clients are the extended family I don’t have here.


Together, we make choices, we commiserate and celebrate. Their business is my business.


Their happy ending is my happy ending.


Nothing gives me greater joy than clinking a glass of bubbles with a client as we celebrate another win.


Together, we’re better and stronger in every way.

“We are not overly financially literate people, but Howard has consistently been able to explain complex ideas to us in very clear, simple terms. We have appreciated his gentle, thoughtful and moderate approach to big decisions. As young parents we feel we have been guided by Howard in a ‘holistic’ way that has improved not only our long-term financial outlook, but also the life we now lead.”


~ Ryan & Danielle Renshaw – The Film Garden ~


Just imagine boarding that long-awaited cruise to Alaska, building that Hamptons style beach house, sipping cocktails by the pool in the Maldives, or paying your kids’ private school fees.

Now imagine being able to do it without worrying about where the money will come from, or whether there'll be enough left for the kids' inheritance. Imagine being able to freely give to those you love.

Imagine knowing that whatever life may bring, you and your family won't ever have to worry about going broke.

Just Imagine.

Making the right money choices can make all that possible, and more.


Joining Dolfinwise means joining my family.

It means me getting to know you, your dreams, fears, and goals, in order to help you make the best decisions.

I'll look after you and ensure that together we

make the choices that'll propel you to your dream life.

I'll guide you and provide the process through both a proactive and reactive action plan; you sit back and enjoy the benefits.


We won't always agree, but I'll always be truthful and have your back.



Money`s not everything, but having it lets you do more, give more, and worry less.

It matters... because you matter.

A good life is underpinned by financial security.

You work hard for your money, now let me help you make your money work for you.

I look forward to welcoming you to my family.

"Howard and his team are a rarity among professionals in that we can confidently rely on them to look after our interests without any prompting. His financial advice has been invaluable in securring our future."

~ Lisa and Andrew Christensen ~

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