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At Dolfinwise, Retirement  Planning is about helping people achieve the life style goals and objectives that are important to them. Retirement means different things to different people. For some it is becoming a grey nomad and travelling Australia, for others it’s endless days sitting on the back porch. Maybe it’s the opportunity to reduce the golf handicap or perhaps try a whole new career as an unpaid volunteer.

Money in our view should not be an objective in itself, so our job is to help clients make wise choices with the wealth they have accumulated so they can maximise the life style afforded them by a lifetime’s hard work.

When making decisions as to the strategies and structures we recommend, the types of income streams appropriate, and the mix of investments, we are always mindful of what impact these decisions will have on our clients. As part of our retirement planning service, we focus heavily on clients achieving their lifestyle objectives rather than focussing solely on taxation savings or leaving a large legacy.

As we strive to operate free from conflicts of interest, our retiring clients can be confident that we are making recommendations based what we think is in their best interests. This is both in the short term and when making decisions that may affect the rest of their lives and perhaps their childrens’ lives. We believe that this is the key to effective retirement planning.

Many of our clients also appreciate the interest we take in their estate planning. We provide estate planning advice and visit our clients legal advisors with them to ensure they and their families get the best outcome from this important area.

“In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes”  – Benjamin Franklin.

We agree and as a result like to prepare our clients as best we can for both. That’s why we believe estate planning is an important aspect of any financial plan.

Retirement & Estate Planning: Services
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