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Personal Insurance

Protecting the outcome against things going wrong is an important aspect of a well made plan. Experience has told us that very few clients get through life without a significant challenge presenting of one kind or another. For some it is health related, others relationship issues or for others a period of unemployment or the need to care for someone close.

All of these things can be financially challenging if proper planning is not put in place in advance. As a result Dolfinwise offers personal Insurance services as an Authorised Representative of Paragem. We often recommend our clients take out Life Insurance, Trauma or Income Protection to insure some of these events. Many events however are not insurable and we make sure that we keep liquidity and flexibility in our plans so our clients aren’t over exposed when times of difficulty arise.

Business Succession Advice

We also have expertise in business partnership insurance.  This protects shareholders or trustees and their families from injury or death of their business partners. Dolfinwise principal Jason Bragger has many years experience providing advice around business succession. This includes advance planning for events that might cause the business to need winding up through to immediate issues upon retirement of a partner such as equity transfer and taxation management.

Specific areas we work on with our clients’ accountants and lawyers include:

  • Funding Buy/Sell (Critical Events) Agreements

  • Structuring funding for tax efficiency

  • Capital gains tax management after sale of  business or critical event

  • Key Person Protection

Risk management: Service
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