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Financial planning tailored to your needs

Dolfinwise has a diverse client base of successful people from all walks of life including many small business owners, executives, professionals and retirees. Our clients are those who desire quality financial advice that is tailored to their individual needs. Generally our clients are people seeking personalised strategies to whom we believe we can add significant value through appropriate financial advice.

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After helping clients set up the right strategies and structures, we place significant emphasis on tailoring the investment portfolio for the individual client. Like most financial planning firms we commence with a risk profile which drives the broad asset allocation of the portfolio.

Then we go one step further by regularly testing our underlying portfolios to ensure they are the best we can produce to match our client’s circumstances and help them achieve their aspirations in the medium and long term. As part of our financial advice we focus on minimising costs of investing, finding the best funds to achieve tax effective portfolios, minimise risk at a number of levels and never stop reviewing the results.


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Superannuation is a complex area and the rules are forever changing. Almost all Australian’s have a Superannuation account due to legislative requirements however few understand all the opportunities that a well managed Superannuation account can bring.

For those aged over 55, superannuation strategies can often save a savvy investor thousands of dollars of taxation without impacting on their available cash flow. Even for those who are younger, strategies such as co-contributions, spouse contributions, personal deductible contributions and salary sacrifice to name but a few, can significantly improve one’s wealth if regularly taken advantage of.


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At Dolfinwise Retirement Planning is about helping people achieve the life style goals and objectives that are important to them. Retirement means different things to different people. For some retirement is becoming a grey nomad and travelling Australia, for others it’s endless days sitting on the back porch. Maybe retirement is the opportunity to reduce the golf handicap or try a whole new career perhaps as an unpaid volunteer. We strive to provide financial advice that helps our clients achieve their retirement goals.

Many of our clients also appreciate the interest we take in their estate planning. We provide advice in this area and visit our clients legal advisors with them to ensure they and their families get the best outcome from this important area.


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Protecting the outcome against things going wrong is an important aspect of a well made plan. Experience has told us that very few clients get through life without a significant challenge presenting of one kind or another. For some it is health related, others relationship issues or for others a period of unemployment or the need to care for someone close.

All of these things may be financial challenging if proper planning is not put in place in advance. As a result Dolfinwise offers personal Insurance services as an Authorised Representative of Paragem.

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