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After helping our clients get the right strategies and structures in place we put significant emphasis on investment advice and getting the investment portfolio right for the individual clients. Like most financial planning firms we commence with a risk profile and that drives the broad asset allocation of the portfolio.

Then we go one step further by regularly testing our underlying portfolios to ensure they are the best we can produce to match our client’s circumstances and help them achieve their aspirations in the medium and long term. As part of our investment advice, we focus on minimising costs of investing, finding the best funds to achieve tax effective portfolios, minimise risk at a number of levels and never stop reviewing the results.

We recognise we are in a world that is changing rapidly and client’s portfolio’s like their lives never stand still. As a result, our investment advice is tailored to those who want a pro-active approach to managing their assets.

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Preservation of capital is our number one priority.

  • Investment returns are more predictable over lengthier periods of time.

  • Investments go up and down, to achieve higher returns it is essential to accept volatility.

  • There is a direct relationship between risk and return.

  • Investment and administration expenses reduce returns and we endeavour to minimise costs wherever possible.

  • Investment diversification reduces risk.

  • Liquidity of investments should never be ignored.

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